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The though of school starting makes me sick. Literally, it makes my stomach hurt and causes me to want to puke. I can't believe I actually can say this now but I absolutely hate school. I hate the whole environment.
When I am on campus I see tons of people who have plans and futures. They know what they want to do and if they don't know exactly what they want... they will eventually find it. People who are working hard, studying and having fun doing it. Then there is me who fits in with the other MILLION kids who want to play music. What a surprise. I really am an individual HAH.
I have to take a language... I am taking the poorest of all languages, Spanish. SPANISH. WHEN THE MOTHERFUCK AM I GOING TO NEED TO KNOW SPANISH? I don't give a flying fuck if I got kidnapped and shipped off to Mexico, I HATE Spanish and NEVER want to know it. I know you will all respond to this entry and say "Take French, or Japanese or Jive" but the truth is I just want to get the credit over with and I don't care enough about anything else... I just know Spanish is easy. I am very uncultured and plan on staying that way.

I just got back from a little mini tour. Long story short, in Vegas we played with Hawthorne Heights- I got to talk with them for awhile about the situation. JT (The Singer) told me about how fucked up the music industry is. He told me the story of how they got signed and how he is already in his 30's. He said that there is no rush and no reason to dive in head first to the fucked music industry. He suggested I stay in school until a decent offer comes about. Unfortunately, he holds the same view as my parents. Its okay though, he has sold a couple million CD's... I trust him. It is going to be tough trying to convince myself that school ISN'T a waste of time and money. Some one should help me be optimistic.

on a brighter note... my band is playing Warped Tour in Saturday.
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