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Hello new livejournal friends!

I don't know why I am updating this so much all of a sudden. This has been quite the weekend. Unfortunately I am not drunk... just a bit buzzed. That makes me sound like an alcoholic. Chris is asleep and Paul & Brad are outside smoking. Trips like this weekend only make me want to drop out of college more and more to pursue playing in a band. This is too much fun. I apologize for my last post. I have little recollection of many things I did. The amount of texts I am receiving on my cell-phone is ridiculous. I have stopped giving my number out completely at shows now. Im not trying to be manwhore... but when a cute girl with puppy dog eyes decides to hands you her phone and says "please?" I feel too bad to say "SLUT!!!!!" But I am changing. I am so sick of texting.

The show was fantastic! It wasn't nearly as crowded as I expected. I believe there were around 400-500 people. I love the networking and meeting new bands. It is such a blast. They gave us so much booze backstage that I decided to take it easy, so that I didn't end up like Mel Gibson.

One of the other bands even offered us PCP. Lucky us. The Drive home tomorrow is going to suck.

I have pee'd EVERYWHERE in this town except the toilets.
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