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Hope with a side dish of apathy.

In case any of you were unaware, I hate school. The only class I like is my journalism 102 class and occasionally my CH202 just because I can make Hitler jokes and (hopefully) offend people. Do you know how FUCKING awkward it is having a girl in that class that I used to have... well... a decent amount of feelings for? The reason she was put in my class is so that God can laugh at me. I'm really stoked that now that she knows where I sit, she makes sure she goes RIGHT in front of me every day to get to her seat. She gives me that "remember when you loved me?" look. HAHAHA. I swear to you before the end of the semester I am going to stare at her with the weirdest face for 10 minutes straight and not break.

My life is just oh so exciting, right?


On the hopeful side... My buddies in the band Fight Fair got signed to Triple Crown Records. HAHAHAH They suck so much goddamn dick that it made me smile. Truth is their music is the equivalent of Stephen Hawking singing me a bedtime story with a good drummer. It isn't just about having music, you need to know how to promote it.

I'm going to L.A. in about a month to record. I am excited.

The new Bayside and Reign of Kindo CD's are amazing. School fucking sucks. Did you really just read all of this bullshit?
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